Gabby & Francesco Fall Engagement Session at Tarry Grove Flower Farm


What is better than two gorgeous people, madly in love, dancing through a flower field? I honestly don’t know. This session was one for the books!

It started out with Gabby calling me telling me that her and Fran got a flat tire and needed to be picked up. No worries! She dropped me a pin of their location, I scooped them up and off we went to their session. Even though our time started off with a stressful situation, we laughed during the car ride and all nerves seemed to be settled before we arrived at our location!

When we arrived, we were struck by how beautiful the farm was. My friend Ashley was so gracious to allow us to use her land as the perfect backdrop for our session. The colors were vibrant, the sunset was that perfect golden glow and although it was October, the breeze was a reminder that summer will be back again. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

We frolicked through fields of flowers, walked barefoot with our toes in the dirt and danced under the sunset. They even cuddled up in a bed of flowers which led to some of my favorite shots that I’ve ever taken. 

With most of my engagement sessions, I bring a bottle of champagne. At the end of the session, we pop it and celebrate! It’s one of my favorite traditions with my couples and it leads to some incredible pictures. 

I always love when my couples trust my vision and Gabby and Francesco did just that! Their images reflect their love in the best way. They are playful, soulful and so fiercely in love with each other. I cannot wait until their wedding day next August!









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